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Annalisa Hultberg

Research: I co-coordiante the On-Farm GAPs Education Program at the University of Minnesota, which provides outreach and education to fruit and vegetable farmers on food safety and good agricultural practices on the farm. We provide workshops and hands-on assistance to help farmers implement GAPs on their farm, write food safety plans, and if necessary, pass GAPs audits.

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I have also served as student wellness coordinator for a school district for many years, and currently work as a consultant with the city of Minneapolis health department working on farm to school and salad bars with charter schools in the city.
Title: Research Fellow
University of Minnesota On-Farm GAPs Education Program
Organizations: University of Minneosta

Phone: 612-625-1951
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1390 Eckles Ave
St. Paul 55108


Member of University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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We work closely with many Hmong farmers in the region, and in conjunction with the Farmer's Legal Action Group, we are working with a number of farmers to create food safety plans for their farms during the winter of 2013-14.

We have a cohort of 7 peer farmers who are being trained as food safety experts, and with the help of a Specialty Crop Block Grant, these farmers are providing outreach and education to other farmers in their area during the fall of 2013.

In November 2013 we are starting a 2 year project funded by SARE to provide professional development training to Extension and non-profit staff around the state about food safety and GAPs so that these professionals who work with farmers can provide this information to farmers.

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