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Buy Fresh Buy Local - Pride of the Prairie

Buy Fresh Buy Local

Why become a Partner

Become a local partner of the Pride of the Prairie Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter so you can be part of the movement to:

By becoming a Partner, you have access to marketing and promotional materials including tested labels that convey fresh and delicious foods to consumers, listed on web site as well as opportunities to join the 2013-14 Local Foods Guide and network in the region to develop a sustainable local foods region!

How to become a Partner

Local Partner Dues:

For more information about becoming a local partner, CLICK HERE.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters

The Pride of the Prairie Chapter was launched in late 2007 and is one of 60 Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters in the United States coordinated by the national Food Routes Network and its regional chapter affiliates.

Food Routes provides communication tools, organizing support and marketing resources to local chapters to create their own unique, community-based local food campaigns. The BFBL label is a registered trademark owned by Food Routes.

Statewide and Regional Identity

Minnesota Grown program is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Minnesotans who grow or raise specialty crops and livestock. Its statewide logo identifies and promotes those specialty crops and livestock food products grown in Minnesota, regardless of production methods or size of operation.

The Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter - Pride of the Prairie promotes a label that identifies with a bio-region of the state and reflects a set of values around sustainable principles and production methods. The Chapter also provides an avenue for local food producing farmers, retailers, processors, and interested organizations or individuals to work together in building a regional sustainable food system.

The Buy Fresh Buy Local logo is part of a national campaign and network of bio-regions chapters across the U.S. that identifies with sustainable principles and production methods. Many Chapter farmer partners are also members of Minnesota Grown as they see benefits to participate in both programs.

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