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Relocalizing our Foodshed

Welcome - Kathy Draeger, Statewide Director of  U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Foodsheds and Foodprints:  Assessing the Capacity of Land to Meet Nutritional Needs
(large file, please be patient for it to open)
Christian Peters, Assistant Professor, Tufts University, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Peters Video

Lightning Talks 
Food Calculator - Ryan Pesch, Associate Professor, U of M Extension
Southeast Minnesota Food Planning Initiative - Erin Meier, Executive Director, U of M SE RSDP
Northeast Minnesota Foodshed - Stacey Start, Dept of Geography, UMD and David Abazs, Round River Farm

Foodshed Assessments:  So Many Indicators, So Little Time
Gail Feenstra, Coordinator, UC-Davis SARE program
Feenstra Video

Lightning Talks
Driftless Area Food Systems Project - Alex Lyons, UW-Madsion Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Local Foods Supply Chains - Gigi DiGiacomo, Research Fellow, U of M Dept of Applied Economics

Making the Case for Investment in Local and Regional Food Businesses and Networks
Rich Pirog, Associate Director, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, ISU
Pirog Video

Summary and Wrap-up  - Linda Kingery, Executive Director, U of M NW RSDP

This conference was funded through a grant from North Central Region Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD).