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Four Seasons Farm

We raise pastured, high-quality registered Saanen & Nubian dairy goats with tender loving care.

Saanen dairy goats (all white) are an excellent dairy breed and Nubian dairy goats (long eared breed) are excellent for dairy and meat purposes. Both breeds have wonderful personalities!

Herd health is very important to us. Our milking does and breeding bucks are tested twice each year for CAE. All animals (including kids) are testeed in the fall, usually around October. After that, all pregnant does are tested again prior to freshening, usually around February. We are proud to be a CAE free herd.

In addition to protecting our herd from CAE, we do routine vaccinations and booster shots for our kids, does and bucks.

Contact: Laura Kieser (owner/operator)
Phone: 952-261-8519
E-mail Address:

Scott County

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