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The Minnesota Harvester Handbook

Dave Wilsey and Julie Miedtke, May 2013

Welcome to the Minnesota Harvester Handbook! This resource – developed by the University of Minnesota Extension, with the help of a broad network of contributors – demonstrates the breadth and diversity of useful natural resources found in and around the state’s woodlands and forests throughout the year.  This fi rst editon of the Minnesota Harvester Handbook is only a modest starting point to presenting the wealth of resources and products available in the region. It includes some well‐ known favorites, like maple syrup and morels; lesser‐ known products often overlooked, like juneberries and ramps (wild leeks); and a few novel items, like chaga (a medicinal fungus). Many of the products have commercial potential, like balsam boughs and character wood. We hope that readers will explore new and different ways to incorporate natural resources into their lifestyles and livelihoods, and will learn more about the region’s products and people in the process.

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