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Hinterland Vineyards

Wines from the sweetland of the prairie

Our heritage at Hinterland Vineyards comes from the sturdy stock of our ancestors who settled on the prairie in West Central Minnesota. A land where warm summers and refreshing praire winds are perfect growing conditions for a variety of Minnesota grapes.

Hinterland Vineyards makes wines from varieties of grapes grown right here in Minnesota. The quality of our grapes at harvest is the result of our attention to detail throughout the growing season. We produce a fruit that we can be confident is at it's prime when it is picked. The winemaking process combines skill, science, and the winemaker’s artistic style to bring you Hinterland Vineyard’s best wines.

At Hinterland, our vineyard and winery are part of a growing, sustainable industry. We are a winery with the ability to adapt and change with the future. From our grandparents who came to this area and settled this land, to our parents, and now our children, we carry on the ability to adapt and change to new surroundings.

Contacts: Karin Koenen (Winemaker & Grape grower), Aric Koenen (Winemaker & Grape grower)
Phone: 320-847-3060
E-mail Address:

Clara City, MN 56222
Chippewa County

Products & Services:

Member of Buy Fresh Buy Local - Pride of the Prairie

wine bottles
wine bottles


Willmar West Central Tribune - Hinterland Vineyard and Winery a First in Chippewa County (25.6KB pdf)

News & Updates:
Friday 4-8 PM • Saturday 1-8 PM • Sunday 1-5 PM
Call for other times by appointment.
Check our website for upcoming events.

Our Wine List:
• La Crescent: Semi-Dry White Table Wine
• Frontenac Gris: Semi-Sweet White Table Wine
• Frontenac: Dry Red Table Wine
• Marquette: Dry Red Table Wine
• Bin 1472: Rose Blend
• Happy Creek Red: Semi-Sweet Red Table Wine
• “45”: Dessert Wine

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