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Hugh's Gardens

Hugh's Garden is a potato washing, packing, shipping operation, marketing organically grown red, yellow, and russet potatoes grown in the Red River Valley of ND and MN. We market potatoes from Sept 1-July 1, as well as other seasonal vegetables. We sell online through retailers, to institutions and wholesale. We also offer home delivery.

Contact: Hugh Dufner (Owner)
Phone: (218) 291-1000 or (218) 456-2143
E-mail Address:

Moorhead, MN 56560
Clay County

Products & Services:

Photo Potatoes 2009
Photo Potatoes 2009

News & Updates:
Carefully grades potatoes are washed and packed as follows:

50 lb cartons: A B & C sizes
10x5 bales: A and A/B sizes
16x3 bales: C size

Product is carefully washed & graded, shelf ready and bears UPC code for scanning at sumpermarket checkout counters.
Weekly shipment from Halstad.
Call or e-mail for current pricing.

-Special this week: Baby red potatoes, packed to order.

Contact Hugh in advance to discuss purchase and arrange delivery.

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