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People are concerned about the fact that food in the United States travels an average 2,000 miles from the field to the plate. This process requires an input of over nine calories of energy for each calorie of food consumed. Rural citizens have long recognized that exporting the raw commodities farmers produce and importing all of our finished food and fiber products constitutes a troubled rural community. We are beginning to understand that our present globalized food system leaves us vulnerable. Think about your last meal. Are you connected to the people or the places the foods were grown? How many miles did it travel to your pantry?

So, here's the good news! Rarely does a problem come along with such a delightful solution. We are blessed with bounty in the Upper Minnesota River Valley, in our agricultural products and in our dedicated people. Pride of the Prarie is working to reconnect people with their food and with the farmers who grow it. Through a community food system, we can nurture strong communities with fresh, wholesome food. With this process implemented, we can retain more of the wealth our rich farmlands produce, and continue to shape a healthy and beautiful landscape, which we call home.

Pride of the Prairie is a collaborative effort whose purpose is to promote the production and use of locally grown food and develop a regional food system in western Minnesota that provides good, nutritious food, nurtures a healthy environment and provides economic opportunity for area entrepreneurs.

Contacts: Tom Taylor, Terry VanDerPol
Phone: (320) 269-2105
E-mail Address:

Montevideo, MN 56265
Chippewa County

Member of Buy Fresh Buy Local - Pride of the Prairie

Land Stewardship Project
Land Stewardship Project

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