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Natural Way Mills

From the field, to the mill, to the store, to the table;
Natural Way Mills produces top quality wholesome products in their healthiest, most natural form. Not only are the products pure and delicious, but the exclusive dry milling system gives longer shelf life—without preservatives! (That's the secret of Natural Way Mills!)

The rich black soil of Minnesota and North Dakota raises the best hard red spring wheat. Grains grown for Natural Way Mills are controlled both in nature and quality. Growers must meet rigid specifications; crops must be three years away from the use of chemicals on grain and soil. Growers are certified by a recognized Organic Certification Company. Each growers' farm is checked by a representative of their Organic Certification Company every year.

Contact: Ray Juhl
Phone: (218) 222-3677
E-mail Address:

Middle River, MN 56737
Marshall County


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