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Where did the year go, and where is spring?March 22, 2013
Sometimes a year just slips by, and sometimes spring takes forever! That would describe how we are feeling this late March, with momma cows ready to have babies and the pastures still under a foot of snow. I wouldn't trade March 2013 for last year though. Our fruit trees were confused by 10 days of June weather in March, and then a killing frost in May. I am dreaming of apricots and Black Ice plums and succulent and prolific strawberry and raspberry crops..time to awaken to another growing season!

The only sure thing is that this year will be different from any other, and we welcome the joy and challenge of it all. Farming with nature is always an adventure. Increasing biodiversity is definitely habit-forming and fun. On our wish list this year is: 1. An ecological site assessment of Prairie Horizons Farm
2. A new, energy efficient cooling system for fruits and vegetables 3. An aspiring young farmer in residence 4. A charrette! I've wanted to host a charrette for years and years...this may be our year. Stay tuned as we embark on the biggest, the best, the scariest and the last chapter in our farming careers!
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