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Red River Valley Foodshed

RED RIVER VALLEY FOOD ASSESSMENT RESEARCH RESULTS (Extracted from the Western Lake Superior Food Assessment Research Data)

The twenty seven counties of Minnesota and North Dakota make up the Red River Valley Food Shed. The area's has a population of 491,999 people, 18,674 farms covering 14,869,958 million acres of farm land. see county statistics here This information provides the base data used for this food assessment research.

To determine the total amount of food consumed and the total acres needed to produce that food reseach data sheets can be found by food category below. Click on the food group you want to explore! Meat & Milk & Nuts & Seeds & Legumes & Fruit & Vegetable & Grains & Fats & Oils & Sugar Given that the Red River Valley is made up of very fertile land, as opposed to the rocky NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin, these calculated acres should, for the most part, be VERY conservative estimates. Yields in this region should be far superior the the Western Lake Superior farm land.

The estimated food acres needed in this region are 520,999 acres for the Standard American Diet 376,632 acres are needed for the Red River Valley Healthy Diet. Food Acres Needed by Food Group This agrarian region clearly has enough land to grow all of the food to feed its own population plus enough land to export throughout the region.

To access the healthy food diet designed by a group of doctors and dietitions can be found here New Healthy Locally Adapted Diet Click here for the research References Document