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Round River Farm

Round River Farm is solar and wind powered nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The farm started in 1989, and over time has developed into a productive piece of fertile ground. To grow our food, the farm uses an intensive cropping system. We use green manures, crop rotations and companion planting on our sandy loam soils. Our philosophy evolved from Conservationist Aldo Leopold's writing: "The current is the stream of energy which flows out of the soil, into plants, thence into animals, thence back into the soil, in a never-ending circuit of life." From this concept we drew our farm's name, Round River. We have set forth to create a lifestyle and agriculture system that is as cyclical and natural as Leopold's Round River.

Vegetables through a CSA arrangement, Pick your own blueberries, heirloom crops and stock and hand harvested Wild Rice is available. Holiday balsam and mixed greens wreaths are offered along with eggs throughout the year and livestock on occasion. On farm workshops on stone building, sustainable living, solar oven building, urban gardening and making wreaths are also offered. Other educational on-farm opportunities can be arranged and rental housing is available in the form of a Chaletini.

News & Updates:
This years 2011 CSA shares are offered for $435. Let us know if you are interested. We are starting to plant our seeds and dig out our greenhouse so it can warm up from the sun.

Contact: Lise & David Abazs (Farm Owners)
Phone: 218 353-7736
E-mail Address:

Finland, MN 55603
Lake County




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