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The Blue House

We are a family business who makes all homemade jams, jellies, barbeque sauce and salsas in small, homemade batches. Our kitchen is state inspected. Stop by and visit! We also ship all over the U.S.

Our products include:
Jellies - wild chokecherry, wild plum, crab apple, elderberry, wild plum-crab apple, wild grape, high bush cranberry, cranberry, bush cherry, pepper
Jams - rhubarb-strawberry, rhubarb-raspberry, rhubarb, strawberry, mango, rhubarb-blueberry, strawberry jalepeno
Barbeque Sauces - honey hickory, spicy hickory jalepeno
Syrups - wild choke cherry, rhubarb raspberry, rhubarb strawberry, elderberry
Salsas - mild, hot, duck sauce

Contacts: Bill Halverson, Delores Halverson
Phone: (218) 962-3530

Hitterdal, MN 56552
Clay County

Products & Services:

News & Updates:
Open Monday through Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
In January, February, and March, please call ahead.

The Blue House
The Blue House

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