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TC Farm - Pastured Meats

The fine flavor and texture of our products is a result of our focus on quality. As a licensed butcher, we're one of the few (if not only) local farms able to offer cut up pasture raised chickens, marinated meats, and delivered monthly meat CSA... No need for a chest freezer.

We raise a variety of rare, slow-growing breeds, selected for their deep flavors and excellent health. They grow in natural living conditions and are treated with care and respect. We actively manage their environment, regularly rotating the animals to fresh fields of pasture and ensuring their access to the most nutritious feed possible. We carefully and artfully process the meat with superior taste in mind.

With free delivery to over 30 metro wide locations, a pickup site is probably close by...

We offer: Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Sausage, Chicken and Duck Eggs.

Contact: Jack McCann (Farmer)
Phone: 612-568-4686 or 612-217-1770
E-mail Address:

Montrose, MN 55363
Wright County

Products & Services:

Slow growth specialty broilers
Slow growth specialty broilers

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