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Whistle Stop Park Farmers Market

The Whistle Stop Park Farmers Market, in Dilworth, Mn, is sponsored by the City of Dilworth Park Board. The market has been established for the benefit of the community, the vendor and consumer. The object is to provide access to healthy foods to the community, provider farmer and crafters an outlet to sell their products and encourage local business development.

Providing access to healthy food is the goal of the Whistle Stop Park Farmers Mkt in Dilworth, MN. The mkt features a wide variety of fresh home grown produce & craft items. Whistle Stop Park is located at 103 4th St NE in Dilworth right next to the historical locomotive, along Hwy 10. For more information call: 701-367-0490. Jul 12-Sep 27: Thu 3-7p.

Contact: Cheryl Stetz (Park Board member)
Phone: 701-367-0490 or (218) 287-2313
E-mail Address:

Dillworth, MN
Clay County

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